Innovative paper bags that represent the logic evolution of the sewed bag with remarkable technical improvements (impossibility of pollution or exit of the contained products thanks to the watertightness of the bottom and, after filling, of the mouth too) as well as aesthetic improvements (elimination of the unpleasant side sewing strip larger than the bag itself and possibility to print also the bottom in more colours).


Barrier sandwich papers (paper + polythene + aluminium + polythene):

they allow the obtain the maximum thermic isolation.

Weld lengthwise and at the bottom:

it makes the package completely hermetic

Hot – Melt glue:

applied to the bag’s bottom after filling, it can be reactivated with warmth allowing the hermetic closing of the bag itself

Diagonal weld of the bottom corners:

in order to allow a better filling and pallet distribution of the bag.

  • Width: from 23 to 60 cm
  • Length: from 44 to 127 cm
  • Any side bellows (S1+S2): from2,5 to 11 cm


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