The most used bag in all industrial fields, particularly in the building industry because of the possibility that allows a very quick automatic filling.


Characteristics of the valves:

they can be packed in multilayer paper, in paper plus PE film or entirely in high or low density PE so to favor the closing and resistance. It is possible to use heat sealing valves that allow the perfect closing of the valve itself.

In order to obtain the requested filling quickness it is necessary to reach an efficient de-aeration level of the bag by appropriate and different tricks:

Saccarta obtains this result using high porosity papers, with perforation systems of the paper and incisions of the polythene film and with particular de-aeration systems.

Application of internal bottoms:

it improves the bag’s resistance to dusts and prevents the product’s exit. The external bottom, on the other side, if it is properly built can be used also as handle with a charge and transport capacity approximately10/15 kg.

  • Width: : from 18 to 72 cm
  • Length : : from 25 to 130 cm
  • Valve widthfrom 7 to 23 cm
  • The lower bottom reach 23 cm – upper bottom up to 23 cm

**if transport need should require it, any valve can be inserted in a larger bottom.


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